Beginning this Sunday, it will be a fun-filled weekend of senior citizens as Anvayya.com is organising "Golden Days - Happy weekends for Seniors!" at KBR Park in Jubilee Hills.

As part of the inaugural edition, producer Duggubati Suresh Babu stopped by and extended his support for the cause.Participants showed enghusiasm in "Satrythm - Movement to God Music" with DinazVervatwala, fitness trainer.Elders tested their endurance by participating in cynergy cycling as well.

A statement released by the organisers said, “The purpose is of this event is to create awareness among the seniors on their wellbeing in their golden years, while also creating community awareness towards elder care. Fun-filled, fitness and wellness activities are designed for the seniors to help them feel fit and happy.

Care facilities are available seniors comfort and happy living.” “This event encourages them to have a better diet and exercise habits regularly and makes them accessible to services available,” said the statement. The event will be held until August 6.

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