2-year-old gets fresh lease of life

THE HANS INDIA |   Aug 13,2017 , 10:22 PM IST

Dr Narendra Kumar Thota with the patient Sandeep his mother Padma
Dr Narendra Kumar Thota with the patient Sandeep his mother Padma

The Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) gave a fresh lease of life to a two-year-old child (Sandeep), who was suffering from osteopetrosis (stone bone condition) that was leading to frequent breaking of bones.

The team was led by Dr Narender Kumar Thota, a bone marrow transplant expert. Dr Thota has transplanted the bone marrow from the father to the child to help the child gain the bone strength that he lacked in the past.

Commenting about the procedure on Sunday, Dr Thota, said, “The child was born with multiple health abnormalities, and was fast losing his eye sight. He was unable to stand, and his bones were breaking due to own weight. This kind of medical conditions needs immediate attention. And after all necessary assessments done, bone marrow transplant was the only possible solution to arrest the deteriorating condition of the young patient.”

“Father’s bone marrow suited the child perfectly, which is a rare occurrence. Post-transplant, the child is recovering fast and can walk with support. Considering the gradual progress, the child is making, we are confident, he would be able to move on his own soon, without any kind of difficulties,” he said.

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