Awarding the best civil servant trainees

THE HANS INDIA |   Nov 17,2017 , 11:45 PM IST

BP Acharya and K Srinivas presenting the certificate to a trainee civil servant
BP Acharya and K Srinivas presenting the certificate to a trainee civil servant

Jubilee Hills: Dr MCR HRD Institute awarded certificates to 125 All India Services and Central Civil Services officers, attending the 92nd Foundation Course, who successfully completed 15 e-Learning Modules here on Friday. The module was designed by Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT).

The certificates distribution function was attended by senior officials of the Institute and the DoPT. K Srinivas, Joint Secretary, DoPT, who was the guest of honour at the event, said that about two crore employees are on the rolls of Central and State Governments and the nature and quality of their performance depends heavily on the quality of leadership provided by the civil servants. He stated that civil servants are required to respond to the expectations and aspirations of people; at a fast pace, considering the mind-boggling changes that have been taking place at the place of work and the society at large.

BP Acharya said that the e-learning modules will be greatly instrumental in enriching the quality of soft skills which are equally important not only for employees at the lower but also at middle and top rungs of organisation hierarchy. On this occasion, the second edition of the magazine published by the Society of Contemporary Affairs was released by BP Acharya and K Srinivas.

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