Pathetic condition of Hyd­-Mumbai national highway
Pathetic condition of Hyd­-Mumbai national highway

After the heavy rains lashes Hyderabad in the last season have made roads conditions very bad in the city. GHMC have tried to clear the damages and potholes, when Ivanka Trump visited to Hyderabad last year in November. GHMC have spent crores of rupees on roads ,but it was one side of the city other side still commuters are facing problems with potholes and damaged roads. 

The prestigious national High way from Chandanagar to BHEL is characterised with potholes, damaging backbones of two wheeler riders. The loose pebbles on the road in front of police station always ensure dusty atmosphere. Road dividers are uneven and unscientific. Commuters are welcomed with a pungent odour emanating from uncovered nala, sight of which is nauseating. Free-left is blocked by the stopped vehicles waiting for traffic signal.

Speaking to the Hans India Danish khan said, “Since my childhood I'm reading about the problems with roads with bad conditions. But seldom we talk about its root cause. Road maintenance is one of the most important components of the entire road system and should not be neglected, particularly in developing countries like India. 

Lack of sufficient maintenance funds is responsible for poor maintenance of road network and riding quality, due to this the transport throughout is severely eroded. Government should focus on these things. Start making or repairing the roads according to the usage of that particular road like if heavy vehicles using a particular road then that roads much be very well constructed  because trucks carries heavy load which really affects the roads very badly. 

So put extra efforts to make such roads use extra and good quality of material but how much months newly constructed roads will survive that a question here. Another option can be that government should create a special authority which will be taking care of roads but as we all know government always keep some loopholes for their own interest and this thing also really not going to work.     

“Due to pathetic roads traffic jam has increased, dust and I feel that government is not interested in public, they only look for money . It’s really unfortunate to see all politicians Luke said” ,by Anand  (employee tech Mahindra).

By Rashmi kumari