Prince George, 4, called ‘gay icon’

Agencies |   Aug 13,2017 , 09:07 AM IST

Prince George
Prince George

An LGBT news site is facing backlash after it called Britain’s four-year-old Prince George a “gay icon”. The article was met with outrage and a politician has even demanded an apology for the “highly inappropriate” write up, reported.

PinkNews had published the story with the headline “People think Prince George looks fabulous in this new photo” and claimed people on Twitter were calling him a “gay icon”. 

The photo shows George in a helicopter and holding his face. It was taken on July 21 during the royal’s Germany tour.

The PinkNews article read: “The image of the prince expressing his happiness in this way led many to declare their support of George for a whole new position: gay icon.”

Jim Allister, leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice party, called the article “outrageous and sick”. He wrote to PinkNews demanding it withdraw the article and apologise. Mr Jackman wrote: “Sexualising a young child in this fashion is entirely inappropriate.”

“To take an image of a little boy and to fantasise of him being an icon for a life defined by sex is sick.” 

The chief executive of PinkNews, Benjamin Cohen defended the article and said it was a “tongue-in-cheek” piece, based on the comments of “hundreds” of social media users. 


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