2 girls go missing from Kasturba Gandhi hostel

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 13,2017 , 12:38 AM IST


Bhoodan Pochampally: Two minor girls went missing from Kasturba Gandhi hostel in Jalalpuram of Bhoodan Pochampally in Yadadri district on Tuesday early hours.

According to sources, Bhanavath Akila of Class 10 along with Shaik Shamina of Class 8 went missing since Tuesday early morning.

After getting to know the information, special officer of the school immediately intimated the respective parents of the children and also to other officials. Officials who visited the school gave an earful to the staff and examined the CCTV footage.

Based on the complaint lodged by the parents and officials, police registered a case and took up the investigation. They suspected that love affair of one of the students could be the reason for their act.  

Meanwhile, the late night report from the sources confirmed based on their mobile phone location, the girls were traced to Singarajupalle in Jangaon district.

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