Sushruta Cancer Hospital in Karimnagar
Sushruta Cancer Hospital in Karimnagar

Karimnagar: The undivided Karimnagar district has achieved the dubious distinction of recording the highest number of cancer cases in Telangana. According to a conservative estimate, a total of 29,000 cancer patients were treated in network hospitals under Arogyasri in the erstwhile Karimnagar district. Of them, 7,000 were youth suffering from oral cancer, let alone the number of patients receiving treatment in private hospitals. 

Even medical fraternity was awe-struck at the increasing number of cancer cases in the area. The incidence of the disease gradually rose during the past five years. The number of patients getting treatment for cancer in hospitals is bursting at the seams. Besides, 5,000 others were suffering from the breast cancer.

The erstwhile Karimnagar district was ranked second in the State in terms of the number of breast cancer cases. Lack of awareness on the breast cancer and negligence in rural areas in diagnosing the disease at an early state are stated to be the causes for the increasing breast cancer cases.

Last year, 2,300 patients were diagnosed with oral cancer. This year so far, 1,700 cases were detected. The medical fraternity is contemplating sensitising people on oral cancer and offering special treatment to the patients. The rural youth were addicted to chewing the banned ghutka, khaini and zarda, which are available in black market freely. People have been urging the government to deal with the sellers of these banned products with a heavy hand to wean the youth away from the habit of chewing the banned products.

Cancer specialist at Sushruta Cancer Hospital Dr Hemant Kumar said that he noticed an unprecedented increase in the number of cancer patients in the last four to five years. Many people of marriageable age were figured among the cancer patients.  Chewing ghutka and getting addicted to alcohol are some of the apparent reasons for the cancer. The hospital has been conducting awareness programmes.