District Collector Rajat Kumar Saini speaking with officials in Gadwal on Friday
District Collector Rajat Kumar Saini speaking with officials in Gadwal on Friday

Gadwal: With the State government planning to issue new Patta pass books for the agriculture farmers based on the new land survey conducted recently, the District Collector Rajat Kumar Saini of Gadwal has directed the Revenue officials to cross check the survey details once again and ensure that there is no error in the final pass books to be issued to the farmers on March 11. 

While reviewing with the officials on the comprehensive land survey with the officials on Friday at the Collector meeting hall, Rajat Kumar said, “The land survey team leaders have been instructed to cross check the comprehensive land survey details twice before getting the pass books printed.”

All the survey team leads are instructed to seek the representations from the villagers by presenting the prepared land survey proceedings at the Grama Sabhas in the villages. They have been asked to cross check the prepared proceedings with the proceedings prepared after incorporating the corrections and only after confirming that everything is all right should the revenue officials make changes in the LRUP report. 

The Collector cautioned the officials about the precautions to be taken while doing the Aadhar seeding as there are changes misrepresenting the land of one person with the Aadhar number and photo of some other persons. Such grave mistakes must be avoided observed the Collector while reviewing the land survey report with the revenue officials. The Collector directed the officials to complete the Aadhar seeding process by 12th of this month and prepare an error free land survey data base to send it for the final printing.

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