K Ravikumar, chairman of JPNCE, addressing a seminar on Thursday
K Ravikumar, chairman of JPNCE, addressing a seminar on Thursday

Mahbubnagar: Members of Brahma Kumari Samaj exhorted the students to inculcate good thoughts, speech and habits, as these will help them build a strong morale base for a stronger mind that will lead them on the path of success in their life.

Addressing a seminar held at Jayaprakash Narayana College of Engineering at Dharmapur village in Mahbubnagar district on Thursday, the Bhramakumari Samaj members delved on the topic of ‘Na Bharata Desam Swarnima Bharata Desam’ and said that India produced great leaders like Swamy Vivekananda, Jhansi Rani Laxmibai, Rana Pratap Singh and many others who with their deeds, thoughts and strong self belief created history and even today they are remembered because of the values they followed. 

Speaking on the occasion Srinivasulu, member of Brahmakumari Samaj said, “students must inculcate good thoughts, good speech and must act truthfully in whatever activities they take up. All this is possible only with meditation.

Meditation is a very strong tool for an individual to gain self control on his mind and body. Meditation will help a person to improve his memory power.”  “Therefore, students must inculcate good thoughts and believe in their own self. Only then they can reach greater heights in their lives,” he added.

Adding further, Srinivasulu said that the human soul is like a minute droplet of light that encapsulates mind, body and deeds. Therefore, to keep that soul active and one needs to work hard to keep the body and mind together to excel in the future. 

Later, JPNCE chairman KS Ravi Kumar said that yoga and meditation are the major tools to keep our body fit and strong even the food ball players of Thailand are adopting meditation as a tool to come out of problems and they are emerging victorious in their games. Ram Mohan, Govardhan, Rajesh Ravindar Reddy, Brejesh Bada and students of JPNCE College and others participated in the seminar. 

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