Hyderabad Metro - Rules & Regulations
Hyderabad Metro - Rules & Regulations

Hyderabad Metro is one of the longest metro lines in India. It took a decade to complete the construction. In 40 to 48 hours, Hyderabadies can use Metro rail to commute from major places to another. Because to take a metro to work, park or just to get an experience you should follow few strict rules and regulations. Let's know what they are: 

  1. If there is a seat available you can sit otherwise you will have to stand and no matter what, you should not sit on the floor of the metro rail compartment. Also, if you are not eligible you should not sit in the ladies, elderly and handicapped allotted seats. If you sit on the floor you may have to pay hefty fine. 
  2. You cannot carry more than 10 kgs luggage for free of cost. However, you can pay one rupee per kg and carry upto 40kgs at once, not beyond that. 
  3. The bag of 40kgs should be under or equal to 65 cms in length, 45 cms in breadth and 25 cms in height. It cannot be a gunny bag of rice or wheat. 
  4. You have to be on the platform within 29 minutes after you purchase the ticket. If it is more than 30 minutes, you will have to buy another ticket as that ticket will be canceled and money will not be refunded.
  5. You can only stay upto 2 hrs after buying a smart card or token. If you do not have a token or a smart card you will be asked to buy one immediately or you will be sent away. Metro rails are not places you just visit, you either use them or just leave the premises in 5 to 10 minutes time as regular passengers will feel discomfort due to visitors.  There is 24 hours dedicated surveillance to check if everyone has a token or smartcard. There will be a fine if you don't have either and spending time there for hours together.
  6. In peak hours, you don't have to wait in long queues. You can find a staff member with Portable Ticket Analyzer (PTA) machine and buy from them. People will be monitoring you 24*7. 
  7. In Metro Station there are three areas, Public, Private and Platform. Anyone can go to Public areas but only people with tickets can go to private areas and then to platform. 
  8. Even the smartcard holders can not stay for more than 2 hours in the station. Once you swipe your card, system will automatically update how long you have been in the station. 
  9. You can have the required  information after buying the ticket by using a reader. All the necessary information will be displayed as soon as you place the ticket on the machine. The most important people in Metro Station are Ticket Cash Management Officers. 
  10. Matchboxes, lighters, gas cylinders,  Petrol, Kerosene, knives of any kind even kitchen knife is not allowed in the Metro.  
These are the strict rules and regulations that will be followed throughly by the officers and staff present at the metro station. Before using Metro rail, just read these rules as they are formulated to make it easy for commuters who are using Metro for urgent works and also to make it safe and secure for everyone. Happy Metro riding!!