Practise garbage segregation, access free Wi-Fi in Hyderabad
Practise garbage segregation, access free Wi-Fi in Hyderabad

Swachh Survekhsan, Rekarmate, which is involved in urban waste management solutions is promoting the practice of garbage segregation.

For this, a Wifi dustbin has been set up in Golnaka to segregate the garbage into wet and dry, further to dispose of it separately.

Also, every time, this is done, free internet access will be available for 45 minutes.

Inaugurated by Mayor B Rammohan, the pilot Wifi dustbin can be used by turning the Wifi on their phone and connecting to ‘Rekarmate-1’.

As soon as a web browser pops out, the segregated waste needs to be dumped in the designated bin, blue for dry waste and green for the wet following which a four-digit code will be displayed on the LED screen.

Once the code is entered on the web browser on the phone, uninterrupted access to the Internet is available for the next 45 minutes.

The entire idea is to raise awareness about waste segregation in Hyderabad.

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