High security deployed in Hyderabad for Ramzan
High security deployed in Hyderabad for Ramzan

Special arrangements have been put in place in Hyderabad as the holy Islamic month of Ramzan begins today. To ensure the Ramzan period is followed smoothly, special teams, security, and surveillance cameras have been deployed in the city.

Every activity will be monitored in the city as more than 1,500 police forces, including Telangana Special Police and Women Force, are deployed to monitor all activities and several Ramzan events in Hyderabad.

Two companies of RAF (rapid action force) have been deployed to ensure the security of night-time shoppers.

SHE teams are also placed in action to avoid any instances of harassment against women or chain-snatching. The police have also enhanced the surveillance with additional installation of 500 high-definition CCTV cameras.

Meanwhile, sufficient police personnel have been put in force in the old city of Hyderabad particularly in and around the mosques to prevent clashes with other community people.

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