Superstitions prevent school re-opening in AP
Superstitions prevent school re-opening in AP

Guntur: Though the Government of Andhra Pradesh has ordered reopening of schools from June 12, nearly 70 per cent of the private schools did not open. They have decided to open only June 14. 

The reason? June 12 is Tuesday and June 13 is Amavasya or the No Moon Day, both considered inauspicious to launch any work. Even in the government schools, which promptly opened on June 12 as per the Government orders, the attendance was minimal. Estimates show that only 10 per cent of the students have reported to the school and the others chose not to attend.

While rationalists are decrying the rampant prevalence of superstitions in the society, the parents are pointing out that the Government should have taken the people’s sensibilities into account while reopening the schools.

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