City expulsion of Kathi Mahesh

By K Chandrasekhar | THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 09,2018 , 12:02 PM IST

City expulsion of Katti Mahesh
City expulsion of Katti Mahesh

Hyderabad: City police have ordered 'city expulsion' (Nagara Bahishkarana) against film critic Kathi Mahesh for his comments against Lord Sri Ram.

The police have asked Kathi Mahesh not to enter into Hyderabad  with out their permission. It is learnt that the Task Force police who have taken Mahesh into their custody have handed over him to the Andhra Pradesh police. 

Recently, taking part in a discussion in a TV channel, Kathi Mahesh used derogatory remarks against Lord Sri Ram. Several Hindu organisations have demanded action against Katti Mahesh. 

Swamy Paripurnananda had proposed to take up Dharmagraha yatra against the comments of Katti Mahesh from Monday. Swamy Paripurnananda was house arrested by the Rachakonda police.

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