American brand Paul Penders Botanicals debuts in India

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 21,2017 , 01:18 AM IST


Paul Penders Botanicals, one of the first Vegan beauty and personal care brands, is extending its presence globally by launching in India. Paul Penders Botanicals was founded by a Dutch environmentalist and animal rights activist named Paul Penders. He incorporates his beliefs into his skincare and cosmetics.

The launch will take place on Friday at The Claridges here and Paul Penders would be coming for it. "I am ecstatic to be introducing Paul Penders Botanicals in India, an economy that is culturally, enormously dependent on organic therapies and products since centuries. Our products have been developed from age old herb therapies and are mild yet effective for the contaminated environment," Penders said in a statement.

Sargam Dhawan, CEO and Director of Paul Penders Botanicals, India says that the brand has already received an overwhelming response through their website in India. "We are extremely happy to be officially launching the brand and revolutionising the trend of vegan beauty," said Dhawan.

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