Breakups –when time comes to say good bye to your partner
Breakups –when time comes to say good bye to your partner

Are breakups as easy as we hear? No breakups can even be traumatizing. A long relation in which u were sinking when time comes you realize you both are not perfect being together in the relationship though perfect humans being single.

Calling up the person whom u loved from moon to back shouting at the person banging on the phone at your love, ending up not talking for days together.

How to deal with your partner before a break up Never avoid your partner before a breaking up Be crystal clear with your conversation.

Be honest never fake anything at the cost of nothing Don’t be a gossipmonger
Never tell your partner if you are seeing someone else. It could even make the breakup nastier.

Never throw any kind of accusations.Once you are done dealing with the break up never call you’re Miss or Ex as this will not serve anyone of you in any way after ending the relationship.

Now you have understood the clean way to end up the relationship. Make it a clean and graceful breakup.

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