Beauty tips
Beauty tips

Does your foundation gets flakey in winter ? Here are few tips 

Try to switch your heavier formulas with a tinted moisturiser. Even people with oily skin experience dryness in the colder months, and a moisturising BB/ CC cream is the easiest way to combat pastiness. 
A tinted moisturiser will not just make you look dewy, it can even warm up your skin tone if you go a smidge darker we’re talking half a shade max.

2) Are you trying hard to win the war against static hair ?

Let's thank , it's not a battle that can't be won. With rainy season gone, your locks might not be puffy anymore.. but gravity defying hair isn't an appealing look either. First, replace static producing plastic combs with smoothening wooden ones. Spritz some hairspray for extra power. Before using. 
Next, replace your usual de- frizzer with an oil that smoothes the hair without weighing it down. Rub a ew drops through the ends, when your hairs wet, and on unruly spots after they're dry.

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