Go Classical To Stay In Shape Is The New Fitness Mantra!
Go Classical To Stay In Shape Is The New Fitness Mantra!

Gone are the days when classical dancing was something your family forced on you as a kid. Today, more and more people are turning to it even as adults, to learn a new skill and tone up their body.  Classical dance is much more than a weight loss exercise. Not only does it help one relieve stress but it also gives their body balance strength and flexibility. 

Bharatnatyam :

Bharatnatyam has many mental and physical benefits. It's basic stance araimandi a squatting position in which ones knees are turned sideways,keeps the torso steady and helps to master body control. It is said the art form is highly beneficial for our eyes, as the dancer actively uses them in his or her performance, constantly exercising them. 


KATHAK is a demanding dance that can really help us et rid of those extra kilos and stay fit. All the khatakars have to practice and perform wearing heavy ankle bells, which makes for weight bearing exercise.


The postures that the artists make during this dance performance helps tone muscles, improves blood circulation, and increases flexibility. Apart from this, the dance form also emphasises on facial expressions, which double up as facial exercises.