A newbie coffee on the block
A newbie coffee on the block

London [U.K.]:  A hot coffee is the new trend viral on social media. While not much different from Irish coffee, the new variation is hailed to beat cold.

Greenlandic Coffee - a mixture of whiskey, Kahlua, and Grand Marnier with a dash of whipped cream, is accompanied with dinner or a food platter of the medium portion.

According to the CNN, the blazing flames of Grand Marnier signify the Northern Lights, a stunning phenomenon of the country,

Specific portions are required to get the best consistency: 20 ml of whiskey, 20 ml of Kahlua, 300 ml of hot coffee, and a swaddle of whipped cream. For the final flair, 20 ml of alight Grand Marnier is poured over the mix.

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