Beauty Expert,I Answer A Bunch Of Your Burning Beauty Questions
Beauty Expert,I Answer A Bunch Of Your Burning Beauty Questions

Q. I have super curly hair and it’s out of control, thanks to high humidity levels. Help!
A.    Oh, the craziness humidity brings with it ugh! The only hair SOS you need ATM  is a smoothening/ curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner duo that tames frizz and won’t weigh down your hair. This shampoo by Morcoconil rids hair of oil and product build up, and enhances curl definition thanks to a powerful blend of Abyssinian oil, hydrolysed vegetable protein and Argan oil in the formula. Top it up with the conditioner it doesn’t just prevent frizz, but seals in spilt ends and increases moisture and shine, leaving you with bouncy hair. 

Q. Even with consistent use of sunscreen, I tan pretty quickly is there any quick fix?

A.    A sunscreen’s job is to essentially prevent you from the harmful rays of the sun. But it can’t really protect you from tranning if you’re out a lot. Try one with a higher SPF, and use a de- tanning scrub or mask regularly, to reverse the damage. This one by biotique has Papaya extracts that help brighten the skin. Plus, the exfoliating particles are non abrasive, making it fit for all skin types. 


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