F*uckBoys... Why can’t we say NO?
F*uckBoys... Why can’t we say NO?

Got a guy on your mind, but you’re not on his? He’s a f*ckboy. But it’s not completely your fault that you keep falling for them...

We always want what we don’t have. I believe Confucius said that. Or yoda. Well whoever it was, they knew the pull of the f*ckboy. It’s a zesty buzzword used to describe a guy who’s never quite in your grasp. He strings you along by giving you just what you need to keep the thirst going be it sex, flirty messages, the odd outing but he’s never quite yours. Which only makes you want him more.


We’ve all dealt with one - I know I have multiple times! They’re just so damn addictive. A dose of oxytocin is released with sex, and that’s what makes women feel closer to their companion. Team it with a F*ckboy and well. The old Mel can’t come to  the phone now. Why? Oh. Coz she’s dead. Etecetera.
We’ve seen it before: hookup with a guy you’re not even sure you want to see again, and you’re suddenly in love and he won’t return your texts why? 
If a woman is attracted to a guy, this hormone aids the physical attraction a psychologists explains that oxytocin releases during orgasms and is essential in bonding and connection.


The allure of the F*ckboy turns us smart, sassy in control women into confused clingy and fragile people. How? It’s all to do with being raised in a society that places higher value on that which is more difficult to achieve. The more difficult the chase, the letter the suspended outcome.