Mouth-watering pakodas to try this monsoon

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 11,2018 , 02:19 AM IST

Mouth-watering pakodas to try this monsoon
Rainy season + Pakoda = Gastronomic experience!!

Here's a list of pakoda recipes that you should definitely try out this monsoon, and no, I'm not talking about pyaaz aur aloo ke pakode!

Bread Palak Pakodas

Bread pakodas remind us of childhood memories and adding palak to it definitely sounds like a great idea!

Aam Pakodas

Mango is the king of fruits and I'm pretty sure these mango fritters will rule your palette!

Cheese Bread Pakodas

First of all, the word 'cheese' is enough to get anyone going but adding it to some bread pakodas will make rainy tea-time even better.

Chicken Pakodas

Fried chicken is a 'yes' in every foodie's book and these cheeekkaann pakodas just make it better.

Soya Pakodas

Can't afford to forget the vegans! Move over soya chaap, soya pakodas are here to win.

Baingan Pakodas

A popular snack in Bengal, these fried eggplant are also known as beguni.

Chatpata baingan aur chai sounds like a great idea.

Bharwan Chilli Paneer Pakodas

What's better than mirchi ke pakode? Mirchi ke pakode with PANEEEER!

Pazham Pori Pakodas

Banana fritters are a very popular dish in the south. I mean, what's better than fried fruit, bruhh?

Sabudana Pakodas

Who doesn't like these pearls of yum? Mix them up in your pakoda batter and your stomach will thank you.

Egg Pakodas

Sunday ho ya monday ho ya tuesday, actually koi bhi din ho, these egg pakodas will save the day.

Maggi Pakodas

Maggi should be declared our national dish! 

Noodle Pakodas

If you are a sucker for Chinese cuisine and mixing things up, these noodle pakodas should definitely be on your list. 

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