The g- spot : myth or magic ?
The g- spot : myth or magic ?

There’s been an endless debate on the existence of the G- spot, but we finally have an answer. The G-spot does exist it is the small area in the front wall of the vagina. It is identified as the site got heightened sexual excitement for some women. It feels less smooth since it is believed to be of thicker tissue than the rest of the vaginal wall. 

The G- spot is located about two to three inches up your vaginal canal and is roughly the size of an old 20 paise coin. Finding it might be tricky. Insert your index finger into your vagina for the full length of the finger, and then turn it so the tip of the finger is facing the front of the wall, Next bend. Your finger at approximately 120 degrees, you might feel the thicker tissue cluster with the tip of your finger. 

Touching it if you may  feel like you need to pee. Don’t worry since that’s natural response, considering the location if this spot. Don’t pressure your self or your partner into finding the spot either, if you can’t just move up to your clitoris instead and try again next time.

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