Here’s how you can start eating Healthy!

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 06,2018 , 10:15 AM IST

Here’s how you can start eating Healthy!
When it comes to eating healthy, most of us experience a lack of motivation. So here are a few basic eat healthy lifestyle hacks to help you get on the path of healthy eating.

Unpolished rice 
If you are a rice eater, change your white polished rice to hand pounded, unpolished rice that is not completely milled. This way the glycemic index of the rice is lowered and it does not spike blood sugar as much.

Sugar And oil intake
Before making changes to this crucial aspect of your diet, start by doing a small activity. Start measuring the amount of sugar and oil you are consuming per day. For instance three teaspoons/ two tablespoons etc. Once you understand how much really you are consuming, all you need to do is start by cutting one or half teaspoon a day.

Thick dal 
Most consume dal that is thin and watery. But if you have to gather protein and fibre benefits from the dal, it is important to start either making the dal thicker or add a small portion of sprouts to your meal. 

Curd/ buttermilk 
In times when the multigrain chapattis are not possible and neither is thick dal, adding even a tetrapack/glass of buttermilk or carrying a small portion of curd can improve the protein quality of the meal. All diary items are a source of complete protein.

A fruit a day 
Make it a rule to grab one fruit a day. It could be absolutely any fruit you prefer or find convenient to eat. Start your day first thing with a fruit and your energy levels throughout the day will be magical.

Magical flour 
One basic change that can make in your chapattis is to give up on pure wheat flour and use multigrain flour this way the fibre content of the meal is slightly improved.

Cucumber/ carrot 
Another easy hack to manage completing your veggie dose of the day is to carry those salad items that are absolutely convenient to munch on. Peel a carrot/ cucumber and carry it to office and then keep munching on it like a bunny, whenever you feel hungry!

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