Can I switch to Menstrual Cups or Cloth Pads over Sanitary Napkins? - Doctor's Desk

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 10,2018 , 06:05 PM IST

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I generally prefer using sanitary napkins when I get my periods, as Tampons pose a threat to health. I have read about menstrual cups and even cloth pads. I would like to switch to one of the alternatives. Which one would be the best to use? 

Any method with which you are comfortable can be used. Menstrual cups and washable clothes too, are a new entry and made up of non- irritating silicone material. However, using menstrual cups may need practice to place it correctly in your vagina.

Using the cups initially would be an issue it needs practice with proper insertion and removal to clean the cup, once it gets filled, nevertheless, the advantage of these cups are that they can be reused and won’t create any toxic wastes like pads or tampons. Additionally, both menstrual cups and cloth pads have to be washed and dried before reusing them. Furthermore, this is a positive change for women as they can now switch to these methods of menstrual hygiene. 

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