In 2018, it's all about self-care
In 2018, it's all about self-care

In a world that is ever-connected, it can be challenging to find a balance between work and life, often leading to short bursts of anxiety and stress, that may eventually lead to severe mental illnesses. Self-care is a conscious effort to maintain oneself, both physically and mentally.

Top CEOs of the world are known to have strict self-care routines incorporated into their hectic schedules. This may include meditation, listening to podcasts, having a relaxing bath or reading regularly. A consistent effort in the upkeep of oneself helps in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

It's the new "cool thing" to do:
Social media gets a bad reputation for being detrimental to mental health and healing, but one of the trends that can be attributed to the medium is an emphasis on self-care and love. There are scores of bloggers and social media influencers who team up with brands to feature products that promote rejuvenation. 

Among this group of new-age influencers is Pranita Kocharekar, a Mumbai - based illustrator, who regularly updates her followers on her self-care routines, including healthy recipes and at-home workouts. She emphasizes the importance of being aware, "Self-care isn't selfish is something I tell myself every day. It isn't easy either. It's not just about spas or sleeping in for extra hours, it's about being aware of your actions, being woke and treating yourself with affection."

But does one need to work 20-hour shifts like a CEO or a famous blogger to be deserving of self-care? “It's an essential part of me-time,” says Manasa Rao, a city-based IT Professional. "I view my time at the salon as downtime dedicated to myself. It's my go-to when I'm tired or even angry, I look at it as a way of pampering myself."

Some view it as a duty to oneself, like Sailesh Singh, an MBA student from IIM Raipur and an avid fitness enthusiast. He says, "God has gifted me with a mind and body, and I look at exercising as a responsibility to myself. My fitness journey has a lot to do with getting better every single day, both mentally and physically. Looks are just an add-on to this process."

The trend is creating a booming influx in fitness studios, spas and salons alike. Fareena, a city-based Yoga Instructor says, "In my six years of experience teaching Yoga, I've observed that my students think they love Yoga because of the trainer, or the studio's environment. In my observation, they love their classes because they get the opportunity to connect with themselves. Outside of the studio, there are so many distractions that keep them from spending quality with themselves. Yoga or any physical activity gives them that space."

During times when people don’t realize if they’re being subjected to stress, having a community that’s self-aware promotes thoughts that focus on one’s own well being and happiness. 

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