Harnaam Kaur has polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal condition that causes her to grow excess facial hair. First woman with beard of the catwalk history. This 24 years old British woman just broke out fashion stereotypes.

For jewellery designer Marianna Harutunian's show, in London, Harnaam Kaur tried her hand at modeling while wearing her traditional Sikh turban, a navy dress and black heels. After a show-stopping performance at in famous French TV Show Salut les terriens (Hey the earthling !), the young woman shared once again her values and her story with the audience.

After years of trying to hide her condition by having painful waxes up to three times a week, the 25-year-old from Slough now embraces her facial hair. She joined Tess Holliday’s anti-body shaming effyourbeautystandards team three months ago and modelled for Urban Bridesmaid Photography in a series of photos that went viral.

She's been bullied and mocked throughout her childhood but from now on the British is making an all-out call for self-confidence and encourages women to accept who they are.

One can notice that the fashion industries is making great efforts in shaking up society codes, as expressed in plus-size model Ashley Graham.

“I was lucky enough to walk for @mariannaharutunian as the first bearded lady to walk for a celebrity jewellery designer. I was humbled to be the first model to walk and open the show for #royalfashionday with the portrait of the legendary #davidbowie looking down on me!”

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