Union Minister Kiren Rijiju Says He Sees BR Ambedkar As 'A Form Of God'

PTI |   May 11,2017 , 08:13 AM IST

Union minister Kiren Rijiju
Union minister Kiren Rijiju


Union minister Kiren Rijiju on Wednesday said he sees Dalit icon Babasaheb Ambedkar as "a form of God".

Speaking at an event organised by Maharashtra's Social Justice Department in Mumbai on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, Mr Rijiju said, "When I think of Buddha, I also think of Dr Ambedkar and his great contribution to our country. Dr Ambedkar became the voice of the oppressed classes in this country. Imagine how much hardship he must have faced while pursuing his career and education. I look at him as a form of God... The way he gave the Constitution to India, it is important," he said.

"He struggled hard even after his education and unfortunately his defeat was ensured by some people in those days," Mr Rijiju said referring to Ambedkar's defeats in electoral politics.

He wanted to "remember and bow before" those who helped Ambedkar in drafting of the Constitution, Mr Rijiju said.

"(Lord) Krishna's (consort) Rukmini is from my native place -- Arunachal Pradesh. As a bordering state, we face more tension, but Buddha's philosophy helps us," he said.