4.60 lakh road accidents last year
4.60 lakh road accidents last year

How many lives are road accidents claiming every year? According to Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, as many as 1.46 lakh people lost their lives in over 4.60 lakh road accidents in the country last year.

Replying to a question in Lok Sabha, he said a large number of the accidents involved two-wheelers where the riders were not wearing their helmets.In 2016, as many as 1.50 lakh people died in 4.80 lakh accidents. The year before saw 5.01 lakh road accidents and 1.46 lakh being killed.

Most of the accident victims were young. 68.6 per cent of those killed in 2016 were in the age group of 18.45 years, Gadkari revealed.

The Union Minister said his government was creating awareness about safer travel and is encouraging safer road infrastructure. The government has also set up the National Road Safety Council to take policy decisions on road safety. He said road safety councils have also been set up at the state level.

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