Rahul Gandhi wants parties to unite on special status to AP
Rahul Gandhi wants parties to unite on special status to AP

In an attempt to fish in troubled waters, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has asked all political parties to support the demand for granting special status to Andhra Pradesh. He also called upon the political parties to unite to achieve the multi-state Polavaram multipurpose project.

In a tweet on Friday, he tweeted: The Congress Party supports the just demands of the people of Andhra Pradesh for special category status and speedy completion of the Polavaram project. It's time for all parties to unite on this issue and support this call for justice.

Political parties in Andhra Pradesh have been demanding a special category status to Andhra Pradesh and the Oppositon YSRCP is spearheading the moment.The Congress Party, which does not have a single MLA in the state, too is backing the idea. The TDP wants a special package in lieu of the special category state. The TDP MPs are agitating for the implementation of special package to the state. They have been protesting in Parliament over the ‘injustice’ done to the state.

On Friday, Rajya Sabha had to be adjourned due to the agitation by the MPs from the state.

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