Will Kamal, Rajini come together in Tamil Nadu?
Will Kamal, Rajini come together in Tamil Nadu?

 Actor Kamal Haasan was at his non-committal best when he said a lot, but said nothing on alliance with Tamil Nadu superstar Rajinikanth.

When asked by a scribe about his joining hands with Rajinikanth, who too is foraying into politics, Kamal said that only time can tell that. He said both he and Rajini will have to think whether they need to have an alliance at all.

Meanwhile, Rajini too said almost the samething. When asked the same question, he said “only time can tell.” Rajinikath has been talking about his political entry and his fans associations have been recruiting members into the to-be-formed party. Rajini fans are upbeat that Rajini-Kamal combo would set off new equations in Tamil Nadu, which has been dominated by Dravidian politics.

Interestingly, though both have been longtime friends, Kamal and Rajini are poles apart in their approach to life, films and politics. Rajini has been talking of spiritual politics, Kamal is a self-proclaimed rationalist. Kalam has said that his politics is anything but right, while Rajini has always been close to the BJP. Like their acting styles, they are poles apart. But, worked together for decades. Can they pull off the same in politics too? As both Rajini and Kamal say: Only time will tell.

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