Yogi Government's tough measures make mass copying racket run for cover
Yogi Government's tough measures make mass copying racket run for cover

Uttar Pradesh Government’s ruthless crackdown on education mafia that promoted mass copying appears to be showing the desired results. As many as 6 lakh students gave their board exams a miss in the first three days of the examinations.

This is roughly 9 per cent of the total 66 lakh students and the flunking is being seen as a significant development. UP is notorious for examination malpractices. A large number of the students enroll in the schools but never attend. They materialize only on the examination time. The educational institutions promise them success in the exam and help them pass by resorting to mass copying. Due to the crackdown, an estimated 80 per cent of these students have chosen not to write the examination. The officials claim that this is a major victory over ‘Nakal Mafia’ (mass copying racket).

Stricter measures like online allotment of examination centres, installation of CC Cameras and special police task force raids had a salutary effect on the copying racket.

According to the UP exam board, as many as 633,217 did students not take the exams in the first three days. Of these, 3,79,782 are from the high school level and 2,53,435 are in the intermediate. The officials estimate that more than 7.5 lakh such fake students, who never studied, would abstain from taking the examination. 


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