24 year old youth hangs himself as 2,750 others live stream it
24 year old youth hangs himself as 2,750 others live stream it

AGRA: A heartbroken incident took place on Wednesday morning over not being able to make it into the Indian Army even after five attempts, a 24-year-old youth live-streamed his suicide on Facebook. The victim was identified as Munna Kumar, a BSc graduate and resident of Shanti Nagar under New Agra police jurisdiction. Early on Wednesday morning, he shared a 1:09 minute long video of his confession on Facebook before hanging himself on live video. Even though over 2,750 people watched the live video, nobody raised an alarm or alerted his family members.

He also left a six-page suicide note in which he blamed himself for not being able to crack the Army entrance examination and disappointing his parents. According to Munna’s family, it is told that he had appeared for the entrance examination five times. Talking to a source Vikas Kumar, younger brother of the victim, said, “He was highly inspired by Bhagat Singh and wanted to join the Indian Army. Hours before committing suicide, he was normal and we had dinner together. No one in the family had any idea that he was going to commit suicide.”

Munna’s father Prabhu Prasad, a driver, had recently set up a grocery store for his son in order to help him overcome his depression.

Police later sent the body for postmortem.

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