Tamil Nadu want development era to begin, not Dravidian era to continue

THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 20,2017 , 09:32 AM IST

Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu

Interaction with people in different strata of the society in Tamil Nadu, one can easily learn that majority of people in Tamil Nadu do admit that they respect O Pannerselvam (OPS) and consider him as future of New Tamil Nadu. Very small fraction of people did wonder why OPS is quite, neither vociferous or aggressive as by poll to RK Nagar is around the corner.  

People do wonder who knows the RK Nagar by-poll does not turns out to be another ‘Tirumangalam’ formula of election victory by the mighty.  

OPS is very calm, composed, thoughtful, meaningful and matured because OPS is playing the role of a leader and not of a politician. He wants to lead the state to new era of satisfaction and development. If his aspirations are just to win election at any cost like many other political parties, he also would have been very aggressive and mudslinging in his approach. Unlike many politicians in TN, OPS conduct himself in a matured and decent fashion because he is a true leader and not a politician who live and die just for some political gain.   

OPS is working hard on two fronts. At one end he owns the responsibility and expectation of people to fulfill i.e., save the party and bring back the social reform agenda of Amma and the other being renovate TN with new bricks of hope, development, satisfaction etc. In fact his responsibility is much higher than that of even Modiji because people of TN wants to be free from Drawidian rule and wants development rule to begin which is near impossible to achieve.  

Leaders are seldom seen in TN than politicians. Therefore many see OPS as singled out person neither in the crowd nor willing to sing the same carol in chorus. The youth of Tamil Nadu are looking for a leader and not a politician. The large sections of people in India are supporting Modiji because they see Modiji as a leader and not as a politician. Similarly OPS is also a leader of rare class and stature. A person with his action and promise are always one and the same.  

People of TN irrespective of their past and present political affiliations must support OPS for his exemplary leadership and statesmen ship, many say.  

Will the outcome of RK Nagar by-poll preclude any new beginning in TN, certainly not. 

Considering the money might and expertise of many political parties in TN in executing Tirumangalam formula over RK Nagar, the by- poll result of RK Nagar cannot be taken as referendum against the efforts of OPS to build a New Tamil Nadu.   

On the contrary, defeat of Chinnamma faction or DMK will certainly prove the fact that the people of TN are craving for a change and definitely the poll outcome of RK Nagar in that sense will be nothing but the first whistle of the political pressure cooker of Tamil Nadu that is boiling for a change.  

There are many contestants for the two leaves to prove they are the true heir to the throne of Amma and AIADMK. Unfortunately MGR had limited the party symbol with two leaves rather than a branch with many leaves so that all those contestants can easily settle down with at least with a single leaf.     On the contrary OPS is not contesting for the symbol but wants to save the symbol of the party from being misused for any of gain of a family and dynasty.   

Time has come OPS must speak his mind out to people and must prove how Amma’s trust, good will, honesty etc., were misused. Like how Amma had trusted the people of Tamil Nadu, she also would have trusted ‘some family’. People had never betrayed her but certainly the family has, that is how many believe even within the party. Like how the family had captivated Amma possibly with pseudo affection and care until her death, are now applying the same formula to take control of the party, many citizens argue. 

The innings for a new Tamil Nadu has just begun with the maiden over of OPS. Soon he may take the wicket of many political parties and would vanquish Drawidian era to bring development era to TN. The matured and wise people of Tamil Nadu must pledge their unconditional support to OPS to make TN a better place to live, many wish.         

Dr S Ranganathan