Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

People often say that the market is dull and the economy has slow down ever since demonetization was announced and GST was implemented. The truth is however different. Any structural reform of such high magnitude will have its short setbacks. We should not scribble or write the epitaph of our economy so quickly by looking at such necessary shortcomings nor should we make any great extrapolation out of our imaginary or hallucinating ability.   

Now Indian economy is under great repair and reconstruction. In a simple sense, Modiji has done a Maha Kumbhabhishekha to our economy which was tormented and molested by the scamster’s gang and wagtail lapwing of the dynasty over several decades.  

Soon India will occupy an envious position economically among global leaders. Organized looting was happening in Indian politics until Modiji became PM. Banks were influenced by our political system before Modij’s regime to give loans that the banks can never recover.  They were engaged in the procurement of weaponry and defense air crafts just to mint money etc., are some best examples for how our political class has looted our economy and development before Modiji’s regime.  

But things have changed when Modiji become Prime Minister of India. He brought several structural reforms, put the bank machinery on recovery mode, brought many tax evaders to tax net, ensured the black money comes to the banking system and all those black money holders and tax evaders are fined as per law, brought down the corruption rate etc. Modiji is focusing largely on ensuring the government schemes directly reach the poor, opened bank accounts to millions and millions of poor people, ensured cocking gas connection for poor people, provided housing scheme etc.  

When the black money holders were forced to bring their money into account, naturally many of them had to do otherwise these money they would have pumped into the market to convert them as legitimate source of income. Since India was suffering from corruption, misuse of public funds, mal administration, nepotism, Modiji has to shake India from head to foot (cap-a-pie). Modiji is not seeing his petty political gains but is focusing on the overall development of India and its durability.  He is working on how India should be in 10 years from now.  He does not mix politics with governance.  

Modiji is the only visionary leader in India who has sensed the importance of skill India & make in India and have understood its importance and how such initiatives can transform the destiny of the country.  The educated youths in India are going to grow several folds in near future and hence the mission of make in India and skill India alone can answer the growing employment demands and only through kindling the entrepreneurial instinct of Indians, the county can become global leader in export sector.  

Barring all political differences, people must support Modiji instead of going after merit less dynast which is the motherhood of all scams.  

People are misinformed and confused by some scamsters to drag the development agenda of Modiji to dustbin.  

Job creation does not mean creating more opening of jobs for people in Government establishments alone. Digitalization, E-governance and cashless economy do create huge job opportunities in private sector for developing various software products for different markets. Similarly, the skill India and make in India will also create huge job opportunities. Conveniently the opposition parties bury all these developments that are taking place in India and instead of confusing the people.  

We should differentiate surgical trauma from the state of a patient on life supporting system. The structural reform of Modiji has caused small surgical trauma but indeed has brought the dying Indian economy out from life supporting system. All expenditure the Government has become very structured and hence the scope for scams have comedown.  

Modiji’s has not adopted cosmetologists touch to make things appear nice and beautiful but he has indeed taken the surgical knife as a surgeon to remove all the ills that affects our growth and development. The changes Modiji has brought about are not cosmetic but indeed are fundamental and path breaking.

People of India have only one choice and that is Modi.  Modiji remains the first, second and third choice to the people of this country.  

Coalition compulsion, muscle flexing of regional parties and governance centering on scams and corruptions, India has witnessed during the previous regime. One India and Indian ness is the need of the hour and not family-centric governance for the purpose of looting the money.  

People should not allow their disappointments/small anger to destroy the country and the self by supporting the scamsters.  

The time available for Modiji is too little and but the expectations are too much. Need of the hour is unconditional support to Modiji and people should not yield to temptations and should not experiment again with those gluttons of our economy and development. 

Dr S Ranganathan