Mangalore: Pinky, which was once trapped at a construction site and was battling for life, is now awarded as the national winner of PETA India’s seventh annual Cutest Indian Dog Alive contest.

Last year, Jean Crasta found the helpless pup at a construction site close to Mangala Stadium. Jean adopted her and made the pup a part of her family. “I happened to see her when I was feeding other stray dogs. With the help of a corn seller, I rescued her and took her home. Her toes and nose are so pink that I named her Pinky,” Jean said.

PETA India, in a statement, said it created the contest to convey that the kindest thing a prospective guardian can do is to adopt a dog from the streets or an animal shelter. “No animal should face abuse of any form. I would encourage all those who can, to adopt a pet and see the difference in their lives, as the well as in the pet’s life, this will also help us work towards a Mangalore which is free of disowned and abandoned animals,” Jean told a source.

Pinky will be awarded with a certificate and a, ‘100 Percent Desi Dog’ T-shirt, and her guardian Jean will receive a ‘My Dog Is a Rescue Dog’ T-shirt as well as a copy of PETA India founder Ingrid Newkirk’s book, ‘Let’s Have a Dog Party! 20 Tail-Wagging Celebrations to Share With Your Best Friend.’

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