Few things Boys notice in a Girl

By Sarah Justin | THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 27,2017 , 02:34 PM IST

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Every girl will have a curiosity to know what Boys will notice in girls before going to date with him or anything. They wear some nice dress and prefer to look good on the first date. None of them could think to ruin the first day. Even you might want to know what guys could notice in girls?

Here are few things:

Sense of Style: As well all know, the first impression is the last impression. So, firstly a guy will notice your dress of style so that he can figure out what kind of person you are. Grooming well is important for dating and other occasions.

Boobs: Comparing to 90's today's generation has changed a lot. According to study, we can say most of the guys notice Boobs before eyes and smile. Are you surprised to hear that they'll notice boobs? It is a common thing and you can't really blame them, its God creation enjoys the beauty of a girl.

Eyes, smile, and Hair: Eyes are really the window to the soul. For few people, it sends some sparks whenever they see their girlfriends smile. Aw, how sweet, Do you feel anytime? Smile always increases your face value. A guy could notice your smile while you're speaking with him. Hair is the essence beauty to every girl on the planet. If your hair is too stylish, you looking gorgeous then you are the person who holds the man attentions.

Weight: Sorry guys but the weight is the top thing where every guy will notice in girls. I guess, it sounds shallow but it is fact and try to be slim and fit to impress your guy.

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