Do you love your partner? How much LOVE is there in your relationship??
Do you love your partner? How much LOVE is there in your relationship??

Lifestyle: In  today’s  so called Y- Generation how much do u love your partner? 

Is your girl working? Is she most of the time spending   her family time on gadgets? Are you feeling that superficial love and attention is given ?Are you feeling left out? 

But what is exactly happening with her? Did you ask her?

Points to remember:

.Try to give some personal time to her, take her out for a drive probably she is missing those days where you use to give her your time

.when you stop praising your girl for the way she looks or a dish what she cooks ,she will start to miss those and she will seek external validations through media like posting her pictures on facebook and insta ..if you want her to avoid that start loving back your girl by flaunting her with a compliment or  a candle light dinner

.When she is away start expressing how much you miss her …her ears would be waiting to hear that

.sip a cup of coffee together and share your lovely past experiences this will make your love bond strong

.plan a short vacation her a drink which she likes the most

.tell her what you are without her..

.Cook a meal together ,it  is the most romantic way to fix problems

.both of you sit and pen down everything you like about each other

.saying I love you will get back life to the weaning souls….get prepared to say the three MAGIC WORDS

.try playing the first movie you both saw together.

.give a nice aromatic massage ,she would love that 

These few tips should do wonders to fix problems and get back love in your lives