How true is your LOVE? Is it TRUE LOVE?

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   Oct 31,2017 , 05:11 PM IST

As long as your love understands these you are experiencing true love in your life.(Representational Image)

Every one falls in love. Few experience love at first sight. 

Is everyone entering the same love ring?  Which is actually not the true love? 

Then what is true love? Where is it found? 
True Love is the Perfect Definition of Perfect Romance. But is it easy to find? Truly is not that easy to find.
True love is not felt in a heartbeat or in a second glance.
True love takes lots of time to take shape
Love at first sight is just an infatuation and a strong surge of romance and sexual emotion that overwhelms you.

What is true love then?
True love can never be ironically defined. True love is never bound by laws and human behavior. True love transcends the human behavior towards the person

whom you love.
True love takes lots of time to bloom. What you experience in the first year is just the infatuation and sexual attraction.
True love is understanding between each other, compatibility between the two is very important if these two work hand in hand then your love is true.
True love can never be forced. It has to be whole heartedly between the two.
In true love you never expect anything from the other.
Even if you are suffering the smile on your loves face brings you happiness.
If your love upsets you. You never get annoyed or irritated or upset with her whatever it is u just take it.

All types of sacrifices are done just to make your love happy.
You keep your promises 
You sacrifice
Sharing their burden 
As long as your love understands these you are experiencing true love in your life.

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