5 must to ask questions when you go on your first date
5 must to ask questions when you go on your first date

In a recent survey conducted we got to know that all first dates don’t turn out as interesting and amazing as we expect them to be. Sometimes after few questions posed like how are you? What you do? And what are your hobbies etc a pin drop dirty silence exists between both of them, where both struggle to overcome that. Sometimes finding the right questions to keep the conversations flowing becomes an impossible task. But if we don’t ask the right question, how will we understand the person better? So to make your affair a fun experience we have made a questionnaire that will help you read your date like a book.

Do you like working? How do you find your job?

This one question might seem like a regular one but this one is going to reveal a lot about his / hers nature. For instance, if they absolutely love what they do, there is a high probability of them being a satisfied and happy person. In case, they hate their job but are making efforts to improve their professional front or if they in search of a new job, it could be a sign that she or he is a determined person. And when you find the person cribbing about their professional front then they could be a pessimistic person.

How would you like to spend your weekends?

The next question is how would the person like to spend their weekend,  or his or hers free time this will definitely help you to guess their personality type. Whether the person likes to stay home and help in household chores, party all night, go on short trips, or he likes to spend time with family or in a hobby class. You will definitely get an idea about their likes and dislikes and priorities in life.

What do you like the most about your best friend ?

The most important question  that would help understand what traits he or she admires in people. Let all ears to be their answer and try to understand their core values when it comes to relationships. They might open up about multiple qualities they admire in their best friend, and this could be the cue to know that they are seeking from their partner.

What if you were given a lump sum amount of 10 lakhs? How would you like to spend it?

What else could be an interesting question than this?  Where a person reply will reveal multiple things about him or her. Would they spend there savings on travelling? Or would they like donating it to an orphanage or an old age home? Or, would they use the money to buy a house, save the money to start a business? The answers will hold the key to their nature adventurous or practical or emotional. You would also get an idea about their dreams and what they aspire in life.

The most embarrassing moment in your life so far?

Don’t you think this question is going to throw some light on their personality type and how they tackle the situations. How do they recall the situation?? With a sense of humour and have let go whatever had happened or are they still embarrassed and holding a grudge towards whatever happened against someone? How was the person reacting during the episode? Was he losing the temper or was he cool with the entire conversation?  You will be actually surprised to know many things in this interaction.