Tinder Addiction! ( Its A Thing) Why more and more women are committed relationships are swiping right and treating it like a game
Tinder Addiction! ( Its A Thing) Why more and more women are committed relationships are swiping right and treating it like a game

Sanju has been with her fiancé for four years and she’s on Tinder and no she is not in an open relationship. I joined for work, because i Was designing a meet up app, and at first, I swiped right over and over, says the 30 -year old from Mumbai. But it quickly went beyond research. I’m usually  pretty conservative, but on Tinder, I put up swimsuit pics and got hundreds of matches. 

It felt empowering. But if you’re in a relationship, especially with an engagement ring, that stops. An app where you get real time affirmations that you’re still hot is a siren song that tough to ignore . Plenty of committed women have grabbed a single friends phone and gone on Tinder swiping sprees under the guise of helping said friend find a hot guy or girl to date.

Doing so can leave you feeling peak FOMO and make you want to try for yourself, even if you’re happily coupled. Sure enough, spend a few weeks on tinder and you’ll likely learn not everyone you’re swiping past is single. It’s not uncommon to see other friends BFs GFs, husbands and wives while browsing. 

Then, there’s last years survey from Global Web Index, which estimated a whopping 45 percent of tinder users worldwide are attached: 35 percent are married, and 11 percent are in a relationship. But now any dude who who even looks up from his phone and has the necessary balls to approach you at a bar is a unicorn. Not saying we’re mourning the demise of a creep interrupting girls night, but it is a loss to miss out on that little rush of knowing you’re still desirable to other dudes.

Now we have Tinder and other dating apps to provide us with the chance to flirt in a way that’s easy you don’t even have to leave the couch and low risk. The beauty of flirting on Tinder while attached is that you get proof that people like you. If you’re flirting at a party, the connection could just be in your mind. But when you get a match, it’s validation that you’re still sexy.

PLUS, getting tonnes of attention from the opposite sex can do wonders for your self esteem. Especially when you’re wearing your rattiest sweats and binge watching with bae. It’s an ego boost and great for when I’m bored says gauri from bangalore.

 Who is in a relationship but browses Tinder. There’s a scientific basis for that ego swoosh/ research suggests men and women  may flirt partly out of a desire to build their self esteem, and we can feel flattered when others flirt with us meaning we may do it more because we want to feel hot and less because we want to actually connect with others. 

And it’s not just your self regard that gets a boost on Tinder. You can get a hit of DOPAMINE when people match with you and usually young peoples brains are wired to response more to a screen. They’re trained to use technology to have fun and receive pleasure.