How does one control the thought process?

By Sadhguru | THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 04,2017 , 12:08 AM IST

(Picture used for representational purpose only)
(Picture used for representational purpose only)

‘I want to control the thought.’ This by itself is a thought. Once you get into this ‘trying to control the thought process,’ there is no end to it. It is an endless fight. 

One way is, the way of Isha Yoga — just let it be. Don't bother about it. Let it go on by itself. You just be aware of it. Slowly it loses its momentum and it falls away. That is one way.

Another way is controlling your prana. Ultimately, whether it is your thought or your heart or the cellular activity, whatever it is, what is happening in the body and within you is primarily supported by the prana. If you control the prana, thought is no more. If you have sufficient mastery over your prana, you have mastery over your thought, your body and all the organic functions of the body.

The control of thought process will not come because you try to control your thirst or try to control your hunger. It will simply happen only when the prana is in control. If your prana is in control, your thought process will naturally be in control. As the energy level rises and the flow is steady and when there is a control over it, thought is not there.

There is a difference between looking, simply seeing and thinking. Just looking does not need the thought process. Looking does not mean only with your physical eyes. Even with eyes closed you can look. Once you develop awareness, you start looking, not thinking. 

When you are in full awareness, there is no thought process. The moment you are aware, there is no thought. The moment the thought is there, your awareness has gone generally; maybe in meditation a person may be aware of the thought process but generally you are not.

It needs application. Unfortunately in today’s world, application is lacking because people still think spirituality is only a side business, that life is elsewhere and spirituality is just on the side. Most people have structured their lives like this. 

They are just happy with the little highs. If you really want to see the end of it, if you really want to see how big the inner world is, it needs application. It has to be your top priority. Only then things begin to open up for you.

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