Gopalakrishna an inspiration to Telugu medium students

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 11,2017 , 12:57 AM IST

 Ronanki Gopalakrishna
Ronanki Gopalakrishna

 Srikakulam: Ronanki Gopalakrishna’s achievement in Civils is an inspiration to all Telugu medium students in both the Telugu speaking states, opined rector Sri Krishna Devaraya (SKD) University Prof Hanumanthu Lajipathi Rai. 

He called on third ranker Ronanki Gopalakrishna at Parasamba village in Palasa mandal on Saturday.  He felicitated him, along with his parents, and invited Gopala Krishna to SKD University Anantapur to motivate students by explaining his long journey and experiences in achieving third rank. Lajipathi Rai said that Gopalakrishna’s achievement is remarkable as he had selectd  Telugu literature as an optional subject.

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