Koral Dasgupta
Koral Dasgupta

A rollercoaster of emotions is the best way to describe Koral 

Dasgupta’s latest ‘Rasia – The Dance of Desire’. In her third outing, Koral explores the nuances of the relationships sans monotonous description. She weaves the story from the perspective of the characters and it makes readers involve with the narrative and relate to the characters, their passions and desires.

The story is about Raj Shekhar Subramanian and Manasi, both Bharatanatyam dancers who are made for each other. This is until an obsessed fan, Vatsala Pandit, enters their lives, testing the man’s character and his wife’s patience. All the characters go through a tumultuous journey in the love triangle and the conflict between them takes extraordinary twists and turns.    
The characters in the book are not ideal and come with their own flaws and try to find the right balance in life.

Koral has meticulously created the characters and they strike a right chord with the readers as they deal with complex human relationships. The narration of the book makes it a page-turner.
This singular love story deftly explores the many facets of love—mutual trust, obsessiveness, the arrogance of passion, the need for self-fulfilment, the yearning for the beloved and the not-so-simple web of modern relationships.