Chennai: In a major boost to the ruling AIADMK faction's efforts to oust interim general secretary from the party, the Madras High Court on Monday rejected a plea by an MLA against convening the general council meeting on Tuesday.

It’s seen as a huge setback to sidelined AIADMK deputy general secretary TTV Dinakaran, who had said legal action would be taken against those who convene the meeting and stringent against those who participate in the meet.

Dismissing AIADMK MLA and Dinakaran loyalist Vetrivel’s petition, the High Court told him to approach the Election Commission.

The judge pointed out that if Vetrivel didn’t wish to attend the meeting, it would be better for him to stay at home. The HC also fined Vetrivel Rs 1 lakh for wasting the court’s time. 

The agenda on the council meet is to 'discuss the present state of affairs', an ambiguous description of the actual plan of action - ousting interim general secretary VK Sasikala and thus her nephew and deputy, Dinakaran, whom she appointed just hours before leaving for Bengaluru to undergo the prison sentence.