LG announces ‘ThinQ’ speaker with Google Assistant
LG announces ‘ThinQ’ speaker with Google Assistant

 South Korean tech major LG Electronics has announced that it is adding a new smart speaker named "ThinQ" to its 2018 line-up, which will be powered by Google Assistant.Amazon and Apple also have voice-controlled devices that have become popular of late."The LG 'ThinQ' looks to be a more high-end competitor to something like Google's 'Home Max'," Tech Crunch reported late on Thursday.

"LG's new speaker is promising a 'premium' audio experience thanks to 'Meridian Audio' technology and support for lossless high resolution audio," the report added.
The South Korean company has not disclosed much details about the upcoming device.
The smart speaker will be unveiled at The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018.

LG "ThinQ" can reportedly control smart home devices via Google Assistant and a voice app from the company that also controls other smart home appliances in the "ThinQ" line-up.
The device will compete with smart speakers such as Amazon's "Echo" line-up, Google Home and Apple's soon-to-launch "HomePod".