Hyderabad: Failure on the part of vehicle owners to get the permanent registration within one month of purchasing would now attract penalty under the new rules of Central Motor Vehicle.

According to officials, if the vehicle owner is given temporary registration number, the vehicle with T/R (temporary registration) cannot be taken outside the State. The vehicle owner should go for permanent registration before the temporary registration certificate expires. 

If the vehicle owner fails to register his vehicle in time, he has to pay a penalty of Rs 300. If the two-wheeler owner fails to register the vehicle even after one year of purchasing, he will have to pay a penalty of Rs 3,600. 

Similarly, if a car owner fails to go for permanent registration in time, he will penalised and charged Rs 500 for every month and Rs 6,000 for one year as per the new rules. Though the notification came into effect from December 29, the day on which Central gazette was released, State government started implementing the orders from January 11 onwards. 

T Sudha Rani, a resident of Saroornagar, had to pay Rs 900 as the fee including penalty for not going for permanent registration of the two-wheeler.  Sudha Rani had temporary registration of her two-wheeler and the validity of the certificate expired on November 3. 

When she came for the permanent registration a couple of days ago she had to pay penalty of Rs 300 for 3 months from November to January.