Mango, mosambi farmers under squeeze

THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 21,2017 , 02:51 AM IST

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Hyderabad: Maharashtra mosambi (sweet lime) growers laughing all the way to the bank as high-yield this season coupled with enhanced quality has boosted their fortunes, while farmers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are forced to dispose off the same at whatever price is offered at Gaddiannaram, a principal fruit mandi for both the Telugu states. 

The situation is not different for mango farmers as prices of the king of fruits are three times lower this year. Prices of mosambi are hovering 45 per cent lower than that of the previous year, while mango prices nosedived by over three times this season, leaving farmers in more pathetic condition. 

But the present situation may improve in April, forecasts V Yellaiah, Selection Grade Secretary and Deputy Director, Agricultural Marketing Department at Gaddiannaram in Hyderabad. Gaddiannaram market receives 120 tonnes of mosambi a day.  The mosambi price per tonne dropped to minimum of Rs 15,000 and maximum of Rs 19,400 at Gaddiannaram this season as against Rs 25,000 and Rs 35,000 respectively in the previous year.

Last year this time, the market received about 350 tonne mosambi. Maharashtra mosambi price ranges from Rs 7,000 to Rs 11,000 per tonne. 

Speaking to The Hans India, Yellaiah said: “Maharashtra recorded record yield this season and this resulted in less demand for local mosambi. I hope the situation may change in course of time. I expect demand revival in next one month. Farmers are advised to wait for some more time. Generally demand for fruits is high in northern states. 

Telugu states used to supply mosambi to Maharashtra and north India. This time, mosambi cultivation was high in Maharashtra, which has increased its supplies to north India and this is resulting in price pressure for us. Once Maharashtra supplies ease out, then demand will pick up for local mosambi.” 

Coming to mango, the season for the king of fruits has just begun. The supplies to Gaddiannaram market are comparatively high this season as 1,300 tonne of mango have been unloaded during the past three days. Depending upon the quality, mango price per tonne this season is varying as minimum as Rs13,000 as against Rs 45,000 last year.

“Forget profit, we expect minimum support price to take care of our investment and transport charges,” said Narsimha Reddy, a distressed farmer, who sold off his stocks of mango at Gaddiannaram fruit market. 
“It’s almost three times lower than previous year price. Totapuri mango price is hovering at Rs 5,000-10,000 per tonne. Considering the present situation, it’s better to sell off at whatever price we get,” adds another farmer from Mahbubnagar. 

Unseasonal rains damaged the mango crop, hence the low price realization, observes Yellaiah, who further said that poor quality was the prime reason for low price. 

He said: “Because of unseasonal rains, mango crop was damaged. Immature mango accounts for the most of the arrivals so far. We get 360 tonne of mango on an average every day. We expect arrival of quality mango from April first week onwards. Except Adilabad, mango from all Telangana districts and Rayalaseema arrive here only, while AP farmers go to Vijayawada.” 

Recent unseasonal rains coupled with strong gales wreaked havoc to mango fields in Telugu states. In Telangana alone, it’s estimated that over 20 per cent of mango crop was damaged.  

By: Sreenivasa Rao Dasari