Groundwater dips; severe water crisis hits Palamuru

THE HANS INDIA |   Apr 21,2017 , 05:04 AM IST


Mahbubnagar: With temperatures soaring over 40 degrees Celsius constantly for the past one month, the groundwater levels in Palamuru and adjacent districts of Wanaparthy, Nagarkurnool and Gadwal have fallen more than 32 meters down for the first time in the past five years. 

According to officials, as many as 15 mandals in the erstwhile united Mahbubnagar district have witnessed a drastic fall in the groundwater levels which is a cause of concern as the common public are already facing severe shortage of water and relying only on tankers which are often not supplied in adequate quantity as per the demand. 

“With the ground water going steep down, more than 80 per cent of bore-wells have already dried up. This has put a heavy pressure on municipalities and grama panchayats to supply water to villages and urban areas through tankers. We are doing our best to supply as many tankers as we can to meet the growing demand,” said Devsingh, Municipal Commissioner, Mahbubnagar district.

The mandals which are severely hit with lowest groundwater levels in the united Palamuru district include Rajapur, Veldanda and Kalwakurthy.  According to officials, Kalwakurthy has recorded as low as 31.8 meters depth of groundwater, while Veldanda and Rajapur mandals in have recorded as low as 31 and 32 meters respectively.  

Among the mentioned 15 mandals, Kalwakurthy mandal is fast emerging as urban conglomerate in Nagarkurnool district and is facing severe shortage of water every year. Despite representations to leaders and officials of RWS, there seems to be no action by the authorities to mitigate the water crises. 

“Kalwakurthy town is having a population of more than 40,000 and with almost all bore-wells going dry due to steep fall in groundwater levels, the water demand has increased to 54 lakh litres per day. Out of 154 bore-wells, only 36 are in working condition while the remaining have all dried up,” informed Srisailam, Chairperson, Nagarapanchayat, Kalwakurthy. 

At present, the Nagarapanchayat authorities are supplying 2.20 lakh litres of water every day from a few left over bore-wells at Ellikal, Silaripally, Tilak Nagar and Kalyani Nagar. As water levels in these bore-wells are also dwindling, the officials are caught unaware how to meet the growing water demand if these bore wells stopped working. 

The situation in Wanaparthy and Gadwal district is also no different, with majority bore-wells drying up. The authorities are supplying water through tankers to quench the thirst of the public.