Grandparents’ day out

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 09,2017 , 11:26 PM IST


Continuing the ‘Golden Days Happy Weekends for Senior Citizens” initiative, the second week was all about physiotherapy and basic exercises at KBR Park in Jubilee Hills on Sunday. The event, which was organised by Anvayaa Kincare, had the GHMC Commissioner Dr B Janardhan Reddy along with healthcare expert Dr Anjali Agarwal in attendance.

Fall prevention and physiotherapy sessions were conducted by Dr Agarwal who said, “One of the greatest but often overlooked health threats elders face is falling. As they age, they are much more prone to falling. With age advancing, a decrease in muscle tone, eyesight deterioration, slower reflexes and more brittle bones bother them.Anvayaa has come up with a few simple tips an elderly person should know that can prevent falls as well as the back pain, fractures, and other medical issues that can accompany falls.” 

Prashanth Reddy, Founder, Anvayaa Kincare said, “These events are aimed at ensuring that the seniors have access to care facilities available for their wellbeing, to increase focus on wellness and preventive healthcare tips, encouraging better diet and regular exercise habits, and also giving them access to various services those are designed for them.”

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